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We return again to our beloved Cherai Beach venue, nestled between the Keralan backwaters and the Arabian sea. This beautiful resort is only about an hour from Cochin. Beautifully landscaped with banana trees, coconut palms, lagoons and thatched villas, Cherai Beach is an exotic mixture of Indian nature and culture at its very best.


Forming an almost equilateral triangle, the three cities of India are rightly called the Golden Triangle, for such is the wealth and abundance of culture and history in the cities of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Delhi the capital of the country is a megalopolis with bustling street life and plenty of activity. Add to it the enthralling beauty of the TajMahal and the visual splendour and magnificence of the Pink city, Jaipur. Three different reasons to visit, and all breathtaking.


Touched by the hands of Mother Nature, the two states, Kerala and Tamilnadu, are a traveller’s paradise. In contrast to Kerala, Tamil Nadu floods your senses with vibrant life – tour the towns and villages with a chance to explore the local arts and crafts. The rich culture that is a part of all things Indian. Right from the colours, to the festivals, the festivities, the clothes right down to their food.