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Cherai Beach

Yoga Holidays in Cherai Beach

Immerse yourself in yoga, ayurvedic treatments and culture in the one of our favourite locations in Kerala

We return once again to our Cherai Beach venue, nestled between the Keralan backwaters and the Arabian sea, this beautiful resort is only about an hour from Cochin. Beautifully landscaped with banana trees, coconut palms, lagoons and thatched villas, the swimming pool and yoga space are complimented by friendly staff who make you feel at home

Simply enjoy the moment, engage with the local people, explore the neighbourhood and visit temples, ashrams, and the local breakfast hangout. Enjoy a swim in the warm, tranquil sea where the sea eagles fly and the dolphins follow the fishing boats

Terrific holiday – wonderful yoga, sunrise meditations over the backwaters and sunset meditation on the seashore. Sunshine, delicious food, interesting trips, range of ayurvedic massages to try, great company and the flexibility to spend your time however you chose – what could be better?
Hazel H 2016