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South India Tours

South India Yoga Holidays

A traveler’s paradise offering rich culture from beautiful scenery and tranquil surroundings, to the festivals, the festivities, the clothes and food

Touched by the hands of Mother Nature, the two states, Kerala and Tamilnadu, are a traveller’s paradise. In contrast to Kerala, Tamil Nadu floods your senses with vibrant life –  tour the towns and villages with a chance to explore the local arts and crafts. The rich culture that is a part of all things Indian. Right from the colours, to the festivals, the festivities, the clothes right down to their food.

Set off with your private driver to explore the wonders of South India. From the cool tea plantations of Gunnar in Kerala to the vibrant temple city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, our bespoke tours take in the all the best bits and there is always opportunity to stop the car spontaneously for a photo, weaving factory or chai!

Food here is part of their warm and nurturing culture. By the end of your travel to this land of mystic beauty, you would have not just experienced the tastes and textures of the land and its food; you would have learnt to celebrate them as well.

Once you reach Kerala you will truly understand how it got its name ‘God’s own country’. There is green in every direction, be it the fertile agricultural fields or the towering coconut palm lined streets and beaches. One of the greatest experiences of Kerala are the backwaters that stretch right to the backyard of people’s homes and our resorts. The culinary experience here is delicately flavoured spiced dishes with a distinct taste and abundant supply of fresh seafood with  coconuts used a main ingredient,it’s a paradise for foodies. There are always western options available for those who prefer to stick with what they know.