Judy Sampath | Yoga Teachers | Yoga United Holidays
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Judy Sampath

Judy Hirsh Sampath is the founder of Yoga Headspace and co-founder of Yoga United. She is creative and able to engage health seekers of all ages, sizes and abilities to tune into their head space and inner wisdom

Judy believes that yoga and related practice can help us find the space and time in which to gain physical, mental and emotional stability. Yoga is not a luxury, but an essential tool for a better lifestyle. It is less about how we look on the mat and more about how we live in the world. She encourages people of all ages, sizes and abilities to access their inner wisdom, for empowerment, wisdom and better relationships with self and others.

Finding deeper connections between what is happening in the body and what is happening in life facilitates change and good physical  mental emotional and spiritual health. Whether you are stressed, stuck or just curious about something you have notice in your body or your life, then Judy can help you come to a sense of understanding and harmony.