Lucy Murray | Yoga Teacher | Yoga United Holidays
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Lucy Murray

Lucy Murray offers adaptive Yoga for each individual using a holistic approach in which mind and body are given equal emphasis and attention.  As well as teaching Hatha Yoga, Lucy has a particular interest in meditation based in Tibetan Buddhism; she teaches  Calm Abiding meditation, along with Yoga for Mental Health, Yoga Nidra in the Satyananda tradition, Teen Yoga and Yoga for ADHD/Autism.  Her intention is to give students the opportunity to experience a deeper sense of harmony both within themselves and with others.

Lucy is based near Worcestershire and ever since first Yoga class in the late 1990s she has been fascinated by Yoga as a toolkit for life. Originally coming from a career in commerce, she had spent years sitting at a desk and behind the wheel of a car gathering both physical and mental tensions. Yoga offered her an opportunity to unwind her body and mind leaving her clearer, brighter and more comfortable on all levels.

Lucy’s classes are run along traditional lines including posture work, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation. She places strong emphasis on the physical safety of students, and encourages everyone to work in a way that is steady and comfortable, yet gently challenging to them. Lucy ensures that modifications of practices are always possible so that students can comfortably find their own way towards a place of serenity, harmony and well-being.